Leverage House
Education Like no other

The Leverage House approach to education is quite different. Not only do we focus on professional content, but emotional and physical fitness content as well.

Leverage House
Superb Results Gathering

We are more than a Learning Management System (LMS) we also track learning behavior that happens offline to gather results that fully impact learning.

Leverage House

User Friendly Interface

We provide all the tools necessary to move any course forward quickly. Learn more about our webinars, workshops and training programs.

Leverage House
Short Form Courses

Our subscription courses allows users to quickly learn objectives within 10 to 20 minutes. This approach helps users learn, but short or time.

Leverage House

Marketplace Courses

We have courses that allows users to emerce themselves into the content and gain valueable compentency. There is no limitations to the number of lessons or quizzes. Instructors can even incorporate discussions, events and even tin cup. 

Leverage House

Workshops and Training

To move the process along quickly and easily we conduct workshops and training seminars. This provides professionals who have not completed eLearning content before the tools and resources to bring a course to fruition. 

Getting Professional Advice


Larry James, Attorney
Crabbe, Brown & James, LLP

Attorney James discusses a few important points for grooming professionals.


Dorian Wingard,
CEO Midwest Strategies

Provide a couple of strategic methods for the African American community.


Ernest Sullivan, CEO
Sullivan Staffing Services

There are characteristics that if used wisely can propel a professional's career. Mr. Sullivan provides the secrets. 


Kevin Dixon, Ph.D., Vice President, Community and Cultural Engagement - ‎ADAMH Board of Franklin County

Mental health is a problem for the community. Knowing how to notice the signs is important. 


Stephen McIntosh, Judge

Explains how to navigate the law. 


Guy Reece, Judge

Judge Reece explains obligations and responsibilities.

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